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    The Secrets To Successful Koi Carp Fish Care

    Loved all over the world for their vibrant colors and long living, Koi carp fish are absolutely wonderful additions to an outdoor pond. They are exceptionally popular and populate millions of outdoor ponds. While today, [...]
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    Choosing The Right Magnoi Koi Carp

    Without seeing a picture of the koi it is very difficult to correctly name it. I also have a 2 solid yellow koi, one is what they call a ginrin yama butterfly. The koi are [...]
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    Pond Maintenance

    Keeping Your Koi Fish Pond Clean

    Keeping your Koi pond clean should be one of your number one priorities. A clean pond could mean the difference between you Koi living a beautiful stress free life, and potentially suffering until they ultimately [...]
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Feeding Treats to Your Koi Fish

by James in Feeding Koi Fish 0

Like any other type of pet, people find it fun and popular to give their pet Koi treats. You might delight in seeing your Koi respond to treats while you, your children, or grandchildren feed [...]